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Locally grown, organic,

non-GMO produce delivered directly to your doorstep. 

W.D. Dickinson Farm was started by a patient of Dr. Shikhman, Institute for Specialized Medicine to align fresh eating with daily on-going medical treatment for Stage 3 Lyme and related co-infections.   


Quickly Stepheni realized the impact fresh food had on her treatment protocol. After going into remission and hearing from other patients how they also struggled, she created the FARMacy program - a specialty diet CSA and Chef made ready to eat meals. 


Program options are delivered weekly and curated for your speciality diet:


  • FARMacy Share

Large bag, full of freshly harvested W.D. Dickinson vegetables & herbs.


  • FARMacy Meals

6 family-style meals & 1 snack made with local sustainably grown ingredients by Chef Christina Ng
+ a small bag of freshly harvested heirloom
W.D. DickinsonFarmproduce. 



FARMacy meets the fruit and vegetable standards of most specialty diets, including:


What is a CSA?

"CSA" stands for "community supported agriculture" though this definition is quite broad. There are many ways to support farms i.e. shopping at farmer’s markets, local markets or directly with from your farmer. But because we all lead busy lives and have become accustomed to our food being delivered or shopped for us, a "CSA" has become synonymous with a once-a-week or biweekly bag full of local fruits, veggies, herbs that are in season delivered to your door.


We are not doctors, this information is not meant to provide medical advice or replace a conversation with your medical provider.​

Meet Chef Christina Ng


Born and raised in San Francisco and whisked away by the whimsy of San Diego’s beautiful terroir, Christina strives to use the best ingredients of the season in her simple, honest reflections of California cuisine.


Through the ever growing, supportive community of growers and purveyors in the county, her knowledge and passion towards sustainable and progressive practices of ingredient production has grown immensely. Whether learning the art of naturally leavened sourdough breads, pasture raising a flock of heirloom chickens, upholding the standards of responsible cooking is truly humbling. 


From responsibly raised and processed meats to heirloom varietals of grains and produce, each ingredient is carefully considered and presented in each dish to project it’s peak flavor to the diner. 



Chef Christina Ng, W.D.Dickinson Partner Chef
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