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Locally grown, organic,

non-GMO produce delivered directly to your doorstep. 

W.D. Dickinson Farm was started by a patient of Dr. Shikhman, Institute for Specialized Medicine to align fresh eating with daily on-going medical treatment for Stage 3 Lyme and related co-infections.   


Quickly Stepheni realized the impact fresh food had on her treatment protocol. After going into remission and hearing from other patients how they also struggled, she created the FARMacy - a specialty diet CSA. 


FARMacy CSA is a large bag, full of freshly harvested W.D. Dickinson vegetables & herbs curated for your speciality diet needs delivered weekly to your door. 




FARMacy meets the fruit and vegetable standards of most specialty diets, including:


Need a little more help?

If you need a bit more help with meals than cooking on your own, we recommend:

If you're outside of San Diego

  • Sakara, Nationwide Meal Delivery

We are not doctors, this information is not meant to provide medical advice or replace a conversation with your medical provider.​

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