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Syracuse University

Leading Lady, Veteran Women Igniting The Spirit of Entrepreneurship (V-WISE)

Stepheni Norton is a veteran, business owner, and V-WISE grad. We are proud to feature her as this month's leading lady!

What she does:

Norton manages not one, but two companies.

Tradesmen - Charitable Pour House allows clients to rent office space and host charity events in repurposed vintage houses. It allows socially-minded business makers to grow their brand and stand for their causes.

Dickinson Farm, is a small plot urban farm started with the intent to provide fresh food to the local community, especially those undergoing medical treatment and in need of clean, chemical free produce.

How she does it:

Looking back on her time in the military, Norton notes that it is important to, “remember the mission” and juggle a variety of tasks at the same time.

After attending V-WISE Denver 2013, Norton took her small idea of Arts ‘n Drafts (a pop-up bar) and grew it into Tradesmen // Creative Proprietors and Charitable Pour House.

Why she does it:

While listening to friends and family speak so highly about her late mother at a memorial service, Norton realized she wanted to be remembered by someone who “elevates the world around her to greatness”. That is why she started Tradesmen and developed it into a company that gives back.

In 2011, Norton was preparing for a 10-month OCUNUS deployment when she was bitten by a tick off the coast of SoCal. Two and a half years and one deployment later, Norton was diagnosed with Lyme disease and was told to eat as fresh and healthy as possible. When she struggled to find healthy foods in the San Diego area, she decided to grow her own. What was once a little garden patch, has now grown into a licensed farm.

What she wants you to know:

“You are not alone. Trust what people see in you.”

Check out Stepheni’s businesses here:

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