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Farm Opening Day

On November 5, 2016, opening day, Dickinson Farm owners Stepheni Norton and Mike Lesley invited the community of National City, California to celebrate the official opening of the Farm. Attendees included prominent members from the city government, chamber of commerce, family, friends, business associates and active community goers.

We all came together to support a business that undoubtedly believes in making an impact in their community. Allowing guests to walk the rows of spinach, arugula, lettuce, beets, carrots, tomatoes and so much more, you start to appreciate the preservation of land. Dickinson Farm’s historic estate now has an even longer lineage and story to be told many years from now. Pairing with other small businesses has been a joy for these entrepreneurs and it’s only the beginning.

C.A.S. Photography contributed to the memory of this event by capturing the ribbon cutting on an antique tintype camera and developed on a metal plate. C.A.S photography also allowed everyone in attendance the opportunity to take a personal photo with this unique photography style that predates us all.

Dreams for Change, a local non-profit organization on a mission to feed the community and provide an outlet for elders of San Diego to socially interact contributed by preparing a fresh Gazpacho from Dickinson Farm ingredients. Carrot cake cupcakes garnished white icing and fresh rosemary were made by It’s in the Filling. Paired with fresh lemon grass infused water I was happy to partake in seconds and thirds guilt free.

This event was definitely a treat to all age groups by providing excitement to all senses. Children enjoyed the planting activity where they could choose to plant cilantro, coffee, basil and sunflower seeds, while at the farm.

Visually tranquil and serene this ¼ acre farm fills your eyes with rich agriculture. The produce labels endow first time visitors with the knowledge of recognizing herbs, fruits and vegetables in every state of reproduction, not often enough witnessed. The scent of basil, lavender and rosemary tickle your nose even before you enter the kitchen and that alone is an experience to remember. Eggplant produces a beautiful purple flower with leaves that have a texture that is somewhat furry and similar to a felt material.

Birds chirping, wind blowing and farm chatter would make you believe you’re in your own backyard. Talking about how this farm started made everyone hungry for more just as the Gazpacho did. This was my first time tasting what is known as a cold soup made from raw vegetables and it was simply amazing. This authentic recipe prepared serves as another reason why this farm is becoming more popular with chefs and cooks, in kitchens big and small.

Dickinson Farm exposes you to unique and organic farming that you can’t experience shopping in your local grocery store. They even offer ways for you to contribute by planting heirloom produce of your choice and caring for it until it is harvested. We are all enriched from our involvement with Dickinson Farm and look forward to witness the positive impact one farm can make.

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