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Gather - Sunday Farm Supper

As the sun begins to set, the dinner guests start to arrive.

Upon arrival, you receive a glass to be filled with Golden Coast’s honey mead, which is a fermented honey wine that has a flavorful taste and delightfully strong bite. Mingling with crowd, sharing stories about our day, we make our way to the appetizer section. Passing through the raised beds where bok choy, broccoli and kale are growing; the aroma of fresh cilantro, prepares you for what’s next.

Ono ceviche made with white fish caught in San Diego waters with sweet potato chips is definitely a favorite that’s light on your stomach and diverse with texture and taste.

Next stop is to reset the pallet with Allagash’s Belgium White Beer that tastes refreshing, light and crisp. The view of the Farm and the historic home from the back really enhances the experience making you feel closer to the farm.

The second appetizer served was rabbit tamales with a black bean paste garnished with purple tomatillo cilantro salsa. The table is now almost perfect as the butter and homemade heritage grain wheat bread comes out.

Master Coordinator Stephanie from Epicurean San Diego calls us in. Ting! Ting! Ting! The sound of the golden cowbell has sounded off, letting everyone know that you must find the envelope with your name and have a seat. This might be one of the longest tables placed on a farm, seating 48 people comfortably, in preparation for a Dickinson Farm family style dinner, benefiting Slow Food Urban San Diego. Adorned in natural foliage, this mix of dried green corn, eggplant leaves with blossoming flowers, pinecones and other gifts used as decorations, all provided by Mother Nature.

With everyone in his or her appropriate seats, a pickled radish salad prepared by Chef Kathleen is served with Modern Times Beer Craft Beer that has a hoppy, tropical wheat flavor. She also crafted the pesto roasted beets side dish that was just as healthy as it was delicious. Chef Christina prepared a hearty soup made using tepary beans that was truly satisfying to everyone. Chef Kathryn, who also prepared the ceviche, whipped up the butternut squash au gratin that was unforgettable.

The main dish was local lamb from Taj Farms, braised to perfection and garnished with spices and sage comes from Chef Christina, who also prepared the rabbit tamales. We were lucky to have George from the Home Brewing Company here to guide us through the list of beer pairings made for this dinner.

Dessert options were available if you still had room in your belly. Among the selection there was pumpkin custard, baked apple and peanut filled galettes and a dark chocolate passion fruit tart. Dane Coffee Roasters prepared a rich Ethiopian heirloom coffee to boost your energy levels.

Listening to the sounds of Bayou brothers, Zydeco band you couldn’t help but move a little. You could also play and extra instrument of your choice, essentially a noisemaker, meant to let loose on. Shaking off the weight of the evening the Bayou Brothers band made you dance like no one was watching.

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