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I heard you deliver to Doctors Offices, is that true?

Currently we only deliver to Institute For Specialized Medicine, Dr. Alexander Shikhman office. If you would like delivery to your San Diego area Doctors office or treatment facility, please email us at

Stepheni was a patient of Dr. Shikhman when we started the farm and we continue to support the office and patients dietary needs.

Our market offers a free choice of in season, harvested to order fruits, vegetables & herbs in any quantity or combination you choose. ​Design your own box - perfect for specialty diets.

We are registered organic, grow naturally & chemically free; all our produce is NON-GMO.

Each week, you can shop online until 7:00AM Monday morning, for delivery the same day.

Orders are harvested Monday mid-morning & delivered in an insulated bag to IFSMED by 2:00PM Monday afternoon. Your produce is never more than 5 hours off the farm.

If you want to be reminded to order, sign up for our Harvest Alerts.

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