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How do you deal with food waste?

When we decided to start the farm, one thing we agreed on was that we did not want to dive to the bottom of the food waste pyramid and make "composting" our first choice for unsold or overripe produce.

We want people to eat it.

But that doesn't always work out.. sometimes the birds get the figs, or ice cream just beats out carrots and we don't sell all we harvest. So we have a layered approach to make sure as much is eaten as possible.

CSA, Farmacy & Mercantile

Our store is open weekly for farm fresh shopping. Coupled with our weekly and bi-monthly CSA, a majority of our produce is consumed here.

Pantry Products

We only use excess and overripe produce to make our Larder products. Its all completely safe, we just have too much of a good thing, or it's just too ripe to make it off the farm. So it fills the jars of our small batch handcrafted in season Farm to Jar pantry items made from W.D. Dickinson Farm heirloom fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Gifts & Goods

Fallen produce is illegal to sell, but great for us farmers to eat; and makes for unique crafting tools. Stamps, dye, smudges, we make it all.

Sometimes we have more than we can eat and our little store can hold. So we in 2018 we launched, Unwasted Harvest. Our chefs fresh sheet lists those items that chefs can receive free with any delivered order. Bolting Celery Stalk Soup? yes please.

If all that fails, we give it away for compost... which we secretly hope is zero pounds annually.

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