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Mike, Modern Caretaker

Favorite Fruit, Vegetable or Herb:

My all time favorite fruit is Strawberry! Once I learned to love fresh vegetables, I fell in love with Tomatoes. On the Farm, we have African Blue Basil (it's really in the sage family, not basil) growing and is smells amazing. I like to break off a small piece and throw it in my shirt pocket while I work.

Favorite Time of Day at WDD:

My favorite time of the day at WDD is sunset. The colors are so vivid, the beautiful views of San Diego Bay, and mild breeze. How can you go wrong?

My Role:

Farm Infrastructure, basically I do the heavy lifting and fill in with harvests and market days as needed.

Dirty hands: prepare the land; design and build irrigation and lighting; pest control; harvest, pack orders.

Clean hands: mercantile; give tours, making sure I always look busy.

Food & Farming Experience:

Growing up, I never saw this coming, but somehow I became a foodie. I did not grow up on a farm, I grew up in the city. Never in a million years did I think I would become a farmer. So you just have to jump in the deep-end and learn to swim...I mean farm. It's not as sexy and glamorous as one may think, but it is very rewarding. There is something special about just working the land.

Business Experience:

A military Veteran, I leverages my operational and mission ready expertise to help support the farm’s infrastructure and growth.

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