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Charred Rustic Greens Salad

Beet Greens


Horseradish Greens

Other greens - squash leaves, radish & carrot tops, etc.

Grilled rampicante



Sweet mace whipped goat cheese,

Armenian cucumber

Thyme vinaigrette

Gather any rustic greens- beet tops, arugula, horseradish greens

Measure roughly 2 cups per person.

Wash thoroughly, do not need to dry.

Add salt, pepper, olive oil to taste.

Toss thoroughly and add to cast iron or griddle top.

Cook until just wilted.

Add salad toppings such as grilled squash, figs, apples, cheese, cucumber. Also great as a hearty side dish or underneath a steak!

Recipe by Garden Kitchen with Dickinson Farm CSA Box Produce

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