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The Best of San Diego 2018

San Diego is a-changing. Bartenders are using CBD oil. A mall is the newest restaurant hot spot. The tally for new breweries? We’ve lost count. Big names like SoulCycle and Shake Shack have arrived with a bang. And La Jolla Playhouse is about to debut its biggest musical yet. All this to say, our city is buzzing. That’s where we come in, to help you navigate the landscape of new, must-try, and got-to-see. Check out the 103 top meals, drinks, activities, and shops to enjoy both in San Diego and across the border in Tijuana.

Food Delivery Farmacy National City’s Dickinson Farm has partnered with Chef Christina Ng on a meal delivery service geared toward people needing specialty diet plans to align with their medical treatments. The fresh, organic, non-GMO vegetarian meals are meant to boost the immune system and support the body’s healing based on your doctor’s recommendation and diagnosis. Each Monday, a set of weekday meals are delivered to clients from National City to coastal Encinitas, targeting three issues: inflammation (for arthritis and Lyme disease); candida (yeast overgrowth), and diabetes. Sample dishes include quinoa-stuffed collard greens rolls, ponzu-glazed tofu with roasted sesame carrots, black rice noodle bowls with Vietnamese herbs, and more.

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