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Twelve and Twenty

  • Purchased the Wallace D. Dickinson House, our oldest project yet

  • Made the looong move from South Park to South Bay

  • Removed non-original boarding on west balcony, posts and rails

  • Removed non-original west porch

  • Replaced all broken glass (38 windows)

  • Scraped (no so funny) honey from the bedroom ceiling

  • Removed second floor carpet (actually just carpet dust, in the shape of carpet)

  • Replaced 15 boarded up windows

  • Removed boarded up north and west balacony

  • Removed 4 rolloff containers of trash

  • Purned the bushes, updated the steel irrigation

  • Replaced a lightblub

  • Raised the (porch) roof

  • Cleared 48, 50-gallon bags of bags pine needles

  • Relocated a family of raccoons, skunks and an alligrator lizard

  • Cleared 100lbs of honeycomb and thousands of dead bees from the dining room

  • Got robbed, got engaged, had a house warming party and got deployed



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