Farmacy - Chef Meals & Fresh Produce

Farmacy - Chef Meals & Fresh Produce


Program is priced weekly, but we require a 4-week commitment. If you have not ordered before you need to purchase our starter program


Program includes, 6 family style meals and a small bag of our freshly harvested heirloom produce curated for your speciality diet.  This is enough for at least 12 standard size servings, or 18 small to medium servings, plus fresh snacking vegetables.  


Your meals and produce will comply with your Customer Preference form.


Specialty diet we can accommodate:

  • AID: curated for patients following the Anti-Inflammatory Diet; typically prescribed for Lyme or ​Arthritis.
  • TCD: curated for patients following the The Candida Diet; typically prescribed for Candida Overgrowth​ or Chronic Yeast Infections.
  • DD: curated for patients following the Diabetic Diet; typically prescribed for Pre- Diabetes ​or Diabetes.
  • No Diet restrictions: you don't have to have restriction to enjoy this tasty program.


Your program will not start unless you have purchased the starter program.

  • Dickinson Farmacy

    Dickinson Farmacy program was designed for patients receiving on-going out-patient care, but is good for anyone on a specialty diet.


    ​Dickinson Farm was started by a patient of Dr. Shikhman, Institute from Specialized Medicine to align fresh eating during daily on-going medical treatment.  We truly understand how overwhelming treatment protocols are; we've created options to help. 


    Regardless of which plan option you chose, you feel safe knowing all our all our ingredients are is seasonal, organic, non-GMO, and fresh produce is heirloom. 


    We meet the fruit and vegetable requirements of most specialty diets, including:​

    • Anti-Inflammatory Diet (AID)

      • Lyme​

      • Arthritis

    • The Candida Diet (TCD)

      • Candida Overgrowth​

      • Chronic Yeast Infections

    • Diabetic Diet (DD)

      • Pre- Diabetes ​

      • Diabetes

    • Low FODMAPS (LF)

      • Non-celiac Gluten Sensitivity

      • Irritable bowel syndrome 

    • Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD)

      • Inflammatory bowel disease

      • Ulcerative colitis

      • Crohn’s disease

      • Celiac disease


    For more information about our Farmacy program and to view a list of safe produce which will be included in your bag go to:

  • Order Deadlines

    ​​Order online by the Wednesday at 5pm, for Monday deliver / pick up.

  • Disclaimer

    We are not doctors, this information is not meant to provide medical advice or replace a conversation with your medical provider.

  • Container Deposit

    All meals are delivered in reusable glass containers.  As a new customer, you will be charged a $30 deposit for containers.


    Make sure to return containers, clean each week.


    Deposit is refundable once all containers are returned clean and unbroken.

  • Delivery / Pickup

    Select your Zone for Delivery or delivery your pickup location at check out. 


    Home Delivery Zone 1 $15 per week

    South of the 8 / West of the 125 


    Home Delivery Zone 2 $20 per week

    South of the 52 / West of the 15


    Home Delivery Zone 3 $30 per week

    North of the 52 / Along I-5

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