CSA - Farmacy

CSA - Farmacy


Our Farmacy program is designed for anyone with specific personal nutritional needs. 


12 weeks long, our quarterly Farmacy CSA subscription service includes 6 bags of our freshly harvested in season heirloom produce.  Diet safe produce included in your produce bag will change season by season. 


Select your delivery start date & speciality date below.

  • AID: curated for Anti-Inflammatory Diet; typically prescribed for Lyme or ​Arthritis.
  • TCD: curated for The Candida Diet; typically prescribed for Candida Overgrowth​ or Chronic Yeast Infections.
  • DD: curated the Diabetic Diet; typically prescribed for Pre-Diabetes ​or Diabetes.
  • KETO: high nutrient, low carb vegetables; typically prescribed for Epilepsy.
  • How much is a in the bag?

    You will get between 7-9 varietals. 

  • Delivery Zones

    Home Delivery Zone 1 $15 per delivery ($90 total)

    South of the 8 / West of the 125 


    Home Delivery Zone 2 $20 per delivery ($120 total)

    South of the 52 / West of the 15


    Home Delivery Zone 3 $30 per delivery ($180 total)

    North of the 52 / Along I-5

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