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As life continues to move faster and we are seemingly more "connected" than ever before, our ability to pause paired with the connections we have with others, ourselves, and the world around us, is left to be desired.

We believe W.D. Dickinson is today’s modern “General Store,” rooted in our past, flourishing in the present, and growing towards the future.

W.D. Dickinson is firmly rooted in providing real food, historic methods, and authentic experiences for those who crave reconnecting in our modern world. Through our historic farm, home, and mercantile, we invite you to return to the soil and be present for a moment – or many.


We believe in upholding the heritage methods of our past and place.



We believe life is meant to be touched.


Hard Work

We believe in the fruits of our labor.


We are firmly rooted in the past, grounded in the present, & looking towards the future.

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