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I was lying in bed this morning, knowing I didn’t need to be awake yet, that my to-do list was written, that I was on time and on task, and for the first time in months I could sleep in…which for me is any time after 5am. But my mind continued to race and fill with all things that I “should” be doing. As I tried to convince myself to fall back asleep, my mind wandered onto being present … presence. Which of course lead my sleeping brain to “presents” - which are amazing as well, and off to sleep I fell. Being present in the that moment met I need to be resting. Even though I certainly needed it, my mind disagreed. I feel like that is a battle most of us have every day, how to be present when we have list upon list, bit upon bit of chaos that is vying for our attention. I certainly don’t have answer or the magic bean, but my wandering mind likes to think it starts with feeling the ground underneath you, the wind in your hair and the sun on your cheeks. So come catch some sun with us. ~Stepheni Dickinson Farm

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