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Unplanned Beauty

Arugula Flowers

I’m sure I have said it more than once before…you cannot control the farm. Some days, I repeat it like a mantra. You plan it, you care for it and you hope it all grows the way you intended. But ultimately the seeds, the dirt, the plants, the weather have their own nuances that we can never quite fully predict and they will grow (or not) exactly how they see fit. The arugula flowers are a beautiful reminder of that. Perfect weather and full sun most of the day means our plants bloom. AKA bolt, which to most farmers is a bad thing. We could think of this as a negative and rip the plants out, but why? The heirlooms we grow, may bloom quicker than conventional seed, but they also are just as flavorful as flowers. Our spicy arugula leaves are great made into rubs and pesto and the beautiful flowers are a perfect little spicy bite in salads and cocktails. Certainly unplanned, but definitely not a bad thing. Whether, it’s your garden, the quirky stray dog who took up residence, the home or work project that was more than you intended or that person giving you attitude this morning…. embrace the beautiful you didn’t plan. ~Stepheni Dickinson Farm

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