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Quiet Focus

Washing Carrots

For more years than I can count I have slept with earplugs, not because Farmer Mike snores (he does) or we have outside noise (we do, uggg the 805) but because they allow me to have the same sense of quiet no matter where I am. They provide me a sense of sameness, security and a routine. In the military, that meant the extra assurance (usually) of being able to sleep ~ or work ~ anywhere. Yes, I said work.... I also wear earplugs for the first few hours of my day. Whether I'm sipping coffee on the porch, writing, researching, making breakfast or out working on the farm...if its before more than 1 other person is awake and around me, I am in my own peaceful ear-plugged zone. I find it allows me to truly focus on the task at hand and my own thoughts. No outside distractions. On the farm I see more of whats going, find pests or water leaks, harvest quicker but am less rushed. I'm not suggesting we all wear earplugs each the morning - although I'm sure we have all considered it while making breakfast smoothies - think of how much smoother the morning would run, if we would all just quietly focused on what needs to be done? ~Stepheni Dickinson Farm

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