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You Must Plan to Plant


For the past 10 days I have been attending business and farming conferences; which translates to unconformable beds, in strange hotels and being off farm for more days than I like - except for a quick trip home to do laundry, kiss the hubby, snuggle with the pups and head back out. Most business owners have that moment where they realize to grow and achieve their goals, they must spend time planning as well as doing. Attending conferences instead of webinars allows me to do this. It forcibly breaks my focus away from the daily “doing”, and refocuses on the planning. During this time, I was able to work on our marketing plan, plan out the rest of our year, write recipes for our new pantry line and launch our new quarterly farm share. I understand breaking away isn’t always feasible, but this taking time is important for non-business owners too. We are all so busy staying late at work, grabbing take-out, running errands, picking up the house, doing laundry, etc etc etc ….that we don’t plan for what we want from the future. We hear it almost every week, “I’d love to eat more vegetables, but…” “ I want to cook, but…” “I just don’t have time” busy, busy, busy. But how can you save for your first house or that amazing vacation, carve out time for a night out with your favorite person or even take time to make dinner if you don’t take time to stop the chaos and plan? When is the last time you came home from work on time, sat down with your family and talked about what you want out of life - as a whole, this year, this month, this week…or hell, even just what you want to cook for dinner? Take time this week, chop some vegetables, bake some muffins, take about your future, you must plan to plant and your worth it. ~Stepheni Dickinson Farm

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