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Slay It

*Yawn* it seems like I start everyday thinking about how I can get a little better at "it". Not life, just the day; 1 day. A little more effective, streamlined, productive. These thinking moments are usually while making coffee but sometimes, like today, they are while I put the blanket over my head trying to ignore the morning sun. I'd like to say I do this because I'm some crazy productivity guru, but in actuality I'm just looking for how I have the life I want, while doing the things I have to, in the time I have. Today my epiphany was that I need to teach our farm dog to use the computer and make coffee, that boy needs to earn his keep. Haven't finished my coffee yet, but I'm pretty sure this is not an implementable idea. Maybe...possibly. Earlier in the week I thought about business hours and options - that I needed more of them to make it to a few of my favorite spots. I figured you might need more of them too, so we are giving them to you. Starting Monday you can pick up pre-orders from the farm on Mondays between 4-7pm. Shop online and select "Store Pickup" when you check out. Hope that adds to your day! Now go out there and slay it! ~Stepheni Dickinson Farm

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