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Pursuit of Happiness

When Mike & I daydreamed of our forever home, we made a long list of obnoxious "house of the rich and famous" wants.

We just must have 6 bedrooms so we could have 2 kids, 1 guest and each our own fancy office; 4 bathrooms, so no one ever really has to share; a grand dining room & enormous kitchen so we can break bread over Sunday Supper; it simple must have architectural character, be a part of a caring community and have a huge yard for all the outdoor activities, you know, like Marco Polo, hide and seek and leaf pile diving ... and most importantly we need to be able to see fireworks. It was an insane list, as it was meant to be. It was a daydream crafted by two newly in love twenty-somethings...yes there was wine involved. We never gave it a second thought and certain never expected we would ever find a place like this or even that we could ever afford it. Much to our surprise the Wallace D. Dickinson House (or Collins house depending on whether or not you live in the neighborhood and grew up with the girls) popped up and like a dream it met all our "wants" and the most important "need"...FIREWORKS, we can see 10 shows! Since we bought the house, every Independence Day (with the exception of deployments) we have spent together on the porch eating ice cream. This year, there will be just a few farm strawberries on top as we sit back and celebrate our Pursuit of Happiness. ~Stepheni Dickinson Farm

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