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Celebrate Good Times!

Selfishly July is one of my favorite months... its my birthday month (whoohoo! trust me I celebrate ALL Month!) and one I share with a lot of my favorite people:

  • 7/3 Miss Tinny Too, foster niece, the best giver of hugs around

  • 7/4 U.S.A (we talked about my love for fireworks &devote patriotism, right ?)

  • 7/5 Mr. Bodhi, my grand nephew. Born less than a pound & 3 months early, he is the strongest little man I know.

  • 7/18 ME!! *dance dance*

  • 7/19 My first & rightfully so, most amazing nephew & father of Mr. B, Stephen

  • 7/20 Niece, Stephanie. Great name that one has.

  • 7/22 The love of my life, Farmer Mike who shares the day with my mini me & most favorite cousin, Carlie Girl.

  • 7/25 Uncle Neil, partner in crime during my younger years & fellow Navy Vet.

  • 7/27 Cousin Sammy Savage, aspiring rock star

  • 7/30 My Sweet Aunt Becky, tapper of trees & saver of Bees

  • 7/30 One of my first bosses during my corporate cubicle-farm life & forever long distance foodie friend, the fantastic Miss Dannette

  • 7/31 Lastly, to take the month out with a bang, the Norton Family Matriarch, my beautiful, spunky & OF (old-school foodie) G-Ma Elsie

Needless to say we celebrate in July, A LOT. But even if it isn't one of your favorite people birthdays, clink a glass, eat some juicy-drippy summer melon, have a slice of cake, make some memories. You can always find a reason to celebrate. *clink* Stepheni ~Dickinson Farm

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