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Evening Work & Missed Expectations

This week has been a whirlwind.... Monday in New Orleans finishing out a week long conference and a squeezed in family trip. Our first longer than a weekend pseudo vacation since we started the farm. Flying home Tuesday, to play catch up with the business of farming and laundry...ugg laundry. Then jumping up Wednesday morning, heading north fighting traffic, to learn about and advocate for upcoming Farm Bill. (Daily commuters have my respect and sympathy) Thursday was Lyme Doctor appointments (because, that is of course an ever present monkey sitting on my back) finished with a few magazine interviews and an into the evening farm field day AKA get this place cleaned up! Powdery mildew is kicking our butt this year. And the weeks work continues today and tonight and thru the weekend, until starts again. The running joke between Farmer Mike and I is that "at the end of ____ (fill in the blank with some of our favorites - the week, next month, this season, the wedding, the deployment, next summer) we will be less busy" . Our exception is always to have more down time, but the reality is we fill in the lulls. We add more items to the to-do list than we can cross off, we have business and personal goals, dreams and delusions of grandeur that we expect to fit easily into the 24 hours the ancient Egyptians divided up for us. Which of course we know doesn't. Things are pushed lowered on the to-do list and sometimes through the cracks. For us that is usually failing means to make a call or reply to a TXT or waiting to open mail into its a tall wavering pile (bonus is getting to read birthday cards after your birthday, YAY!) The disconnect between expectation and reality is our nemesis. But something we have learned to understand, and to level set. We will always strive to meet our own super high exceptions. But sometimes we don't...and that's just means there is time for snack while we wait for the plane we missed. Stepheni ~Dickinson Farm

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