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Community over Convenience

I woke up thinking about Suzie's Farm and other small business, when as a society do we choose community over convenience? - or more accurately - Why do we usually choose convenience over connection and community? In a world where Depots and Big Box Stores have it all at the lowest price, Amazon Now isn't actually now, but damn close, and Amazon Fresh...well not dealing with the grocery store chaos and getting farmers market and pantry treats from all over SoCal makes the service very appealing even with its steep cost. Add to that convenience of meals from Blue Apron, Home, Plated, delivery from UberEats, GrubHub and any drive through, its no wonder day after day that convenience wins over connection and community. Farmer Mike and I are guilt of it too, we used many of them while I was in daily Lyme treatment and sometime still cave to getting a meal delivered after a long day. At each moment it makes sense, we think, we are busier than ever dealing with life, and the hours that there never seems enough of. We're starving, it's cheaper, its just easier. All the while, even in that brief slip, that small moment, we disconnect from our community, the mom and pop shops, the small local restaurants, the local or even a little out of the way farms, the dinner table and ultimately ourselves and each other. The time we all choose not to carve out to buy local and shop small are the times we vote not so silently with our dollars, and the moments we rarely remember when we're "shocked" small business are shuttering. Mental note ... shop small, make a connection, try to choose community or convenience every time. Stepheni ~Dickinson Farm

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