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Making Memories

We got engaged the summer I was preparing to deploy, most of our military friends were pushing us to elope and get extra money during deployment that we could use for a large wedding or the house or whatnot.

We didn't. We stayed "just engaged" the whole deployment. I tried a few times to plan the wedding while I was gone, but it just never felt right. Trying to visually describe what I dreamt of didn't really work on email too slow to have big attachments, Internet that didn't work for Pinterest and phone calls that were too expensive to be long. So we waited to plan. When I got home I was sick and transferring out of my unit, too little emotional focus to put heart into planning. Fast forward to March... 3 months prior to the wedding, my cousin asked when my dress would be ready for a fitting.... huh, I guess I need a dress. At that point we started planning, still sick, still busy, but full of a lot more heart. After finding the end of the wedding internet with no real tear jerking ah-ha moments, we just sat back with each other. We talked about the events we loved and why we did. We decided we just wanted a wedding that felt like the best dinner party with your closest friends, the ones that no matter how long it has been since you saw them you catch right back up and laugh, cry and eat amazing food. Not a big or small wedding, not a formal or simple one, a genuine day with our closest friends to celebrate. Celebrate our love, their love and that we are all lucky to have this moment together. So that is what we did. We didn't know if Mike would get off work for the wedding or if I would be able to walk the day of, but we sent out the treasure hunt invitations anyway. And those closest, dearest most genuine friends, spent an amazing afternoon and evening with us, laughing, crying, breaking bread and celebrating love. Making memories. In less than 3 month of planning and a lifetime of heart, we created that moment. That's why our Sunday Suppers are 3 months apart, is the perfect time-line to create genuine moments with amazing people. I hope you'll join us.

Stepheni ~Dickinson Farm

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