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1852 Recipe for Stewed Lettuces (AKA wilted salad and croutons)

Modern Cookery by Eliza Acton (1799–1859)

Strip off the outer leaves, and cut away the stalks; wash the lettuces with exceeding nicety, and throw them into water salted as for all green vegetables. When they are quite tender, which will be in from twenty to thirty minutes, according to their age, lift them out, and press the water thoroughly from them; chop them a little, and heat them in a clean saucepan with a seasoning of pepper and salt, and a small slice of butter; then dredge in a little flour and stir them well; add next a small cup of broth or gravy, boil them quickly until they are tolerably dry, then stir in a little pale vinegar or lemon-juice, and serve them as hot as possible, with fried sippets round them.


Bolted lettuce



Salt & Pepper

Lemon Juice

Remove and wash inner lettuce leaves

Boil lettuce in salted water until tender

Remove from water and press dry

Chop into larges pieces

In sauce pan, heat butter, salt, pepper and a bit of flour

Add small cup of broth

Add chopped lettuce

Cook until thickened

Stir in a squeeze of lemon juice.

Serve hot with croutons.



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