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White Mulberry Jam, Tart & Pie

Jam & Tart pictured This recipe works for most tree or cane fruits. (figs, purple mulberries, can berries, peaches, etc)

Jam Basics

As many very ripe white mulberries as you have

3 lb fruit : 1 cup sugar *

1/2 lemon per pound of fruit (washed and juiced)

1/2 teaspoon vanilla per pound of fruit

1 tbsp butter (omit if making for pie filling)

Put all ingredients into non reactive pot (including the lemon)

Cook over medium heat until fruit breaks down.

Take off heat, let cool until you can handle it

Remove lemon

Run thru food mill or push thru wire mesh strainer to remove most of the seeds

Return to jam & lemon to pot, cook until thickened.

Add butter and stir until melted to defoam (omit if making for pie filling)

Pour into sanitized canning jar

Water bath to be shelf stable ~OR~

Cool completely on counter and store in fridge

*sugar is needed to created thickness without powdered pectin. If you want no added sugar you can use 100% fruit juice and a whole lemon rind. Be aware the fruit juice flavor will impart into the jam.


10-12 oz of Jam

3 medium eggs

3 tbsp butter

1 cup rough chopped roasted, but unsalted nuts (tart) or 1 cup fresh mulberries (pie)

Crack eggs into a bowl, whisk together

Warm jam over medium heat

Temper eggs, then mix one at a time into warm jam

Take filling off heat, add butter

Stir until melted and incorporated

Stir in nuts / fresh mulberries


Pour filling into pan lined with sourdough crust

Rest tart / pie in fridge while oven heats

Heat oven to 350

Put pan on rimmed baking sheet to catch potential boil over

Bake for 35 minutes until top is just puffy and a little golden brown

Leave on the counter to cool completely (2-5 hours)

Slice and enjoy.



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